Combining Academics, Research and Booze.

For the past 20 years, John Clapp, Ph.D. has been a scientist, university professor, and consultant in the field of alcohol problem prevention.

As a scientist, he has conducted landmark studies in the area of heavy alcohol use among college students. John is also a wine, whiskey, and craft beer enthusiast who enjoys pairing alcoholic beverages with fish and wild game.

His work and expertise has been featured in numerous international media outlets, with coverage in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, ABC National News, among numerous others.

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What is a Field Alcohologist?

An Alcohologist is a scientist who studies alcohol.

The term, coined in the mid-20th century by famed alcohol researcher Selden Bacon (1909-1992), has also been used to describe people working in the field of alcohol dependence treatment.

A Field Alcohologist studies drinking as it occurs in natural settings.

Field Alcohologists draw on many areas of science including biology, pharmacokinetics, social psychology, sociology, behavioral economics, systems dynamic engineering, architecture, social work, and public health.

Field Alcohologists also have an interest in laws and public policies related to alcohol sales and service. Field alcohology can be basic in nature (i.e., understanding how and why people drink in certain settings), or applied (i.e., how to change drinking behavior in situ).

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